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Membre de la Chambre des Généalogistes Professionnels (CGP)

Valère Kaletka

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Au - Delà des Racines


Originally from Haute-Saône, the cradle of my paternal family (surname Vuillemard and Jassey), is located at the foot of the Vosges mountains in Faucogney and the Sea, since 1674. There is no older archive, they were destroyed by the army of Louis XIV.

My maternal branch is located in the Jura, the tree of my family was planted in Saint Amour (patronymic Janodet and Moyne), with roots that escape to the nearby Saône-et-Loire.


The course of life led me to be adopted by a family I thought was Parisian (Morand and Malnou family names), but that was before I started any research.  Its origin covers a large part of France: Alsace, Ile de France, Brittany, Pays de Loire, Haut-de-France, Limousin, Normandy etc., but also Belgium and Germany.

I started my research 25 years ago when I became a mother.


Psychogenealogy has allowed me to put my mind at ease in this entanglement of roots.

This was followed by a professional transition, after a career as a key account sales representative and project manager.


In January 2017 I chose to validate my knowledge in genealogy thanks to the DU (University Diploma) in Genealogy and Family History of Nîmes.

Graduated since September 2017, I have chosen to professionalize myself and help you in your research.

I collaborate with several genealogical associations :


Genealogist sensitive to the psychogenealogical approach of a tree, I am not a therapist. My help will be to guide you through the meanders of your history with regard to the documents that can be found in the archives.

Ma famille adoptive paternelle

Ma famille maternelle